BlogIn Our Own Words: FutureChurch's Synodal Sessions Report

Nearly 600 Catholics, representing 170 dioceses participated in FutureChurch's synod listening sessions.

BlogThe First Woman Appointed as Undersecretary to the Synod of Bishops, Sr. Nathalie Becquart, Gives a Preview of Her Work at UISG Press Conference

The first woman to serve as undersecretary for the Synod of Bishops offers her first remarks in that role.

BlogVideo: Cecilia González-Andrieu's Keynote Presentation

Dr. Cecilia González-Andrieu offers a beautiful vision of Church for today's realities.

BlogTrinity Sunday Online Liturgy of the Word

Living in right relationship with God and one another

BlogPentecost Online Liturgy of the Word

Breathing God's Breath of Life into a Broken World.

BlogThird Sunday of Easter Online Liturgy of the Word

How can we heal the inequities, inequalities, and trauama this pandemic has cast new light on?

BlogSecond Sunday of Easter Liturgy of the Word

How can we recognize, or even savor, God's abundant blessings in the midst of darkness and suffering?

BlogMarch 29, 2020 Online Liturgy of the Word

FutureChurch's Online Liturgy of the Word celebrating the Fifth Sunday of Lent.

BlogWhom Does Your Bishop Love? Follow the Influence

Influential clergy and orthodox leaning lay apostolates are forming partnerships in the attempt to define and influence the direction and mission of American parishes, dioceses, and the larger Church.

FutureChurch NewsFutureChurch Presents Christine Schenk Award to Karen Gargamelli-McCreight

Karen Gargamelli-McCreight is a co-founder of Benincasa Community in New York City.

FutureChurch NewsSr. Kate Kuenstler—passionate advocate for the People of God—Presente!

Sister Kate Kuenstler, longtime canonical advocate for the rights of laity in the Church, entered into eternal life on October 28, 2019

BlogInternational Catholic Reform Network Holds Fifth Meeting in Warsaw

Deborah Rose-Milavec reflects on major moments, insights from the fifth meeting of the the International Catholic Reform Network in Warsaw

BlogWomen Will Not Be Silent…Catholic Women Do Preach: FutureChurch's Response to Pia de Solenni

Solenni reasons that women are often better at preaching than priests, but “no matter how wonderful or how terrible” the priest who is in persona Christi with a soul “indelibly marked” and is given priority of place “by virtue of his ordination, not his moral character.”

BlogDay 2 in Rome: Yes, Patriarchy is Still to Blame

As the story of resignations from "Women Church World" becomes more complex, patriarchy still deserves a share of the blame

FutureChurch NewsLearning the Pitfalls of Complementarity in the Catholic Church

At the November Call To Action meeting, FutureChurch’s Deborah Rose-Milavec gave a presentation on the history and effect of complementarity in the Catholic Church to several hundred CTA participants

AnalysisLay Ecclesial Ministry is Backbone of the Church

Of nearly 40,000 lay ministers, 66 percent are women.

Book ReviewsEveryone Leads by Chris Lowney

Lowney unwraps a definition of leadership that works for his proposed solutions to critical problems besetting today’s Catholic Church

FutureChurch NewsCincinnati: Voices Speaking Continues to Work for Women's Equality in the Church

One of the barriers holding women back is the Church's infatuation with complementarity

Book ReviewsSeminary Formation by Katarina Schuth, OSF

Through seven brief, detailed, and insightful chapters, Schuth takes her reader from the effects of Vatican II on the Present State of Seminaries to New Directions for the Future.

Book ReviewsJesus Risen in Our Midst by Sandra Schneiders

In this anthology of essays drawn from previously published—but relatively inaccessible to the non-specialist reader—Sandra Schneiders addresses the most critical problem of the Christian believer: how to imagine Jesus as personally alive and present to us

VoicesAUSCP and FutureChurch Build a Bridge

AUSCP’s vision is to be “a priests’ voice of hope and joy within our pilgrim church.”

VoicesReading The Joy of Love with Catholics Who Live It

The Joy of Love has long been a way of life for many Catholics in many places.

VoicesGender Justice in the Church

A journey of discovery teaches lessons of worthiness and empowerment for a young woman in the Church.

AnalysisRethinking Parish Life in the Face of the Impending Priest Shortage

Parish life in the face of the impending priest shortage does not necessarily need to end badly.

AnalysisDoes a papal decree matter for the inclusion of women? Yes!

Pope Francis issued a new decree stating that women should be included in foot washing rites held on Holy Thursday. 

FutureChurch NewsFather Charles Curran, Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher Featured at 26th Annual Fall Event

Father Charles Curran and Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher addressed FutureChurch supporters at 26th Annual Fall Event.

FutureChurch NewsMary of Magdala Celebrations: A History

Marie Graf looks back at the beginnings of the movement to reclaim Mary of Magdala.

Power to the People: The Role of the Laity
Donald Cozzens
Power to the People: The Euphemization of Power
Michele Dillon, Ph.D.
Power to the People: Language and Accountability
Katie Grimes, Ph.D.
Religious Communities for the Future
Karen Gargamelli-McCreight, James Hannigan, and Sean Gargamelli-McCreight
Everyone Leads
Chris Lowney
The Lobinger Model
Fr. Robert Duch
Emerging Models of Ministry
Professor Ed Hahnenberg
Church ReformVoices that Challenge Liturgy of the Word

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Young CatholicsChurch for Our Daughters Liturgy of the Word

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Mary of MagdalaWomen of the Word Litany

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