FutureChurch commends Pope Francis’ January 10, 2021 motu proprio, Spiritus Domini which officially and canonically opens the door to women serving as lectors and acolytyes. While women have been serving as lectors and acolytes in many dioceses and parishes for some time now, it was not canonically sanctioned.  This change will discourage ordained officials from banning women and girls from the altar as has been the practice in too many parishes, and will open the doors for a stronger participation of women in Eucharistic celebrations all over the world.   

“This is a small step in proportion to the work for equality that must be accomplished,” said Deborah Rose-Milavec, co-director of FutureChurch,“but this will be especially important in parishes where clericalism has a particularly stubborn hold – such as those parishes where girls are barred from being altar servers.” 

“While we commend PopeFrancis for his leadership on this issue, we recognize that much more needs to be accomplished in the name of women’s full participation in every aspect ofChurch life, ministry, and governance,” said co-director Russ Petrus.  “This is only the beginning of the long journey toward full equality for all the baptized in all ministries and all areas of governance in the Church.”