Young Catholics
FutureChurch Presents Christine Schenk Award to Karen Gargamelli-McCreight

Karen Gargamelli-McCreight is a co-founder of Benincasa Community in New York City.

VoicesExploring God-Images with Adolescent Girls

Girls who encounter a rich array of Christian God-talk can grow in their relationship with God and with the Christian tradition.

BlogInternational Catholic Reform Network Holds Fifth Meeting in Warsaw

Deborah Rose-Milavec reflects on major moments, insights from the fifth meeting of the the International Catholic Reform Network in Warsaw

BlogDay 4 in Rome: The Prodigal Who?

Annie Burns offers a new way of thinking about the Parable of the Prodigal Son

BlogDelivering the Goods

"In the end, this church will open to women’s full and equal participation. We are all doing our part to make that a reality."

BlogThe talk: and the importance of dialogue

Deb Rose-Milavec recounts her one-on-one conversation with Bishop Everard Johannes de Jong of the Netherlands and lifts up a few hopeful voices

BlogTough Questions

Cardinal Blase Cupich and others respond to questions regarding clergy sex abuse, LGBT Catholics

BlogWhy Aren't Women Religious Superiors Voting alongside their Brothers?

When asked about women at the Synod, one panelist's "joke" sucks the air out of the room

BlogApplying Pressure

Deb Rose-Milavec continues to question Synod participants about women in the Church

BlogYoung Catholics Are Speaking Up. But will Bishops Listen?

It is clear that if they seek a more vibrant church, they have no other real choices.

BlogDeb Rose-Milavec Arrives in Rome to Cover Synod

FutureChurch brings its unique perspective to reporting on the Synod

VoicesThe Future Practicing Catholic

How Younger Catholics Understand Their Catholicity & What It Means for the Catholic Institutions and Communities in the Future.

VoicesMansons's Remarks to LCWR in 2012 Still Important Today

In 2012, before the Vatican crackdown on the LCWR, Manson offered ideas about the future of religious life

FutureChurch NewsLet’s Build It Together: A Church for Our Daughters Invites U.S. Bishops to Dialogue

A Church for Our Daughters campaign Invites U.S.Bishops to dialogue on alarming trend facing the Church.

VoicesGender Justice in the Church

A journey of discovery teaches lessons of worthiness and empowerment for a young woman in the Church.

FutureChurch NewsCelebrating the First Feast of St. Mary of Magdala

FutureChurch celebrates the first Feast of St. Mary of Magdala building on the theme of "a Church for Our Daughters."

FutureChurch NewsFutureChurch Expands Teleconference Series

In 2016, FutureChurch expanded its teleconference series focusing on the restoration of women to the permanent diaconate and the challenge the Church faces as younger Catholics walk away in greater numbers.

PrayersChurch for Our Daughters Liturgy of the Word

Liturgy of the Word lifts up voices of women in history, today, and tomorrow while praying for a Church for our daughters.

Religious Communities for the Future
Karen Gargamelli-McCreight, James Hannigan, and Sean Gargamelli-McCreight
Young Catholic Sisters Speak Out
Sisters Andrea Koverman, Leslie Keener, and Julia Walsh
The Future of Religious Life
Jamie Manson
Millennials Speak for Themselves
Annie Burns, Michelle Maddex, and Russ Petrus
Young Women in the Catholic Church
Patricia Wittberg, S.C., Ph.D.
Church ReformVoices that Challenge Liturgy of the Word

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Young CatholicsChurch for Our Daughters Liturgy of the Word

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Mary of MagdalaWomen of the Word Litany

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