Louise Akers, SC, has a wide, gracious smile for most everyone she meets, but she is no pushover. In fact, she is a modern day prophet who stands firm in her convictions when it comes to justice and equality for women in the Catholic Church and in the world.

In 2009, Sr. Chris Schenk, then Executive Director of FutureChurch, heard Sr. Akers speak at a Call To Action conference.  She related her experience of being dismissed by Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk after refusing to refute her stand on women's ordination. Chris was so inspired by Sr. Akers’ faith and sheer determination in the face of attempts by the archbishop to silence her, that Chris was inspired to develop one of FutureChurch's resources - A Million Voices. Inspired by Louise Akers’ courage, Chris designed the resource to help give Catholics the confidence they need to be prophetic in the Church.  The resource helps Catholics to know their rights and responsibilities and to navigate difficult conversations in a Church that has too often silenced those who faithfully dissent.

As a testament to her long life of faithful service to the Gospel, FutureChurch will name Sr. Akers the Trivison Award recipient for 2017. The award honors the spirit and life of FutureChurch co-founder Fr. Louis J. Trivison and is given to a Roman Catholic who exhibits outstanding leadership in advancing the FutureChurch mission or vision in one or more of the areas of teaching, administration, research, publication, advocacy, and pastoral service.